In the HV-02 gun, the atomizing air pressure is very low in a range by 0.3 and 0.7 bar.

The HV-02 can work with an atomization pressure so low, maintaining the same coloring effect and the amount of color sprayed on the leather. This skill make possible to reduce drastically the rebound effect of the particles, up to 90%.

This avoids the dispersion of the chemical into the atmosphere and a consequent saving of raw material.

The efficiency of the guns HV-02 is reported as a maximum of 95% of the transfer coefficient of the product


The HV-03 is the latest - patented guns from Todesco. 

It is a low pressure gun that establishes a new standard: spraying pressure up to 0,15 bar.

Incredibly fast in the response times, up to 15 times faster than traditional guns.

With patented “TWIST” system, the removal of the spraying head is really fast and allows a complete and effective cleaning even during the working process.

The flow regulation device is included in the gun. It includes a special 4 mm2 entrance, which substitutes the traditional nozzle, and allows to wash the gun.


RPN-07 is a patented regulator of the product, that can be coupled with HV-02 gun. The range of the color can be regulated by a single external control, from a single drop until a maximum flow. Is built in a special valve for a strong and automatic internal washing that assures a long life and low maintenance.


RPN-03 is a basic product regulator that includes a breaker to open a direct washing internal way. It includes a special setting points that assures to set the zero point in a perfect way. It can be coupled with all HV-02 guns and is easy to clean and maintain: is the perfect choice in the automotive leather production.


RPN-10 is the latest regulator of product born from the experience of Todesco. It is a manual regulator that can be coupled with HV-02 gun. The gun can work all time long fully open and the range of the color is defined by the external regulator. The tip of the nozzle can't influence the range of the color.